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What Rough Beast Slouches?

for 8-channel sound // duration: 11'36"

    LISTEN .mp3

    stereo mix, duration: 11'36"


    Across its entirety, What Rough Beast... 'slouches' toward the musical culmination of various sonic trajectories. Pitch deviation, reverberant space, and tempo, are some of the most significant sound parameters that appear to shift across the duration of the piece. What first appear to be nuanced, intentional, and well-timed sonic events begin to appear as more a matter of happenstance. As more voices are introduced, each follows its own logic - complicating the composite sonic image that we continue to try and listen into. Some sounds appear to gradually speed up; others appear to slow down. Nuanced juxtapositions turn into complicated, irregular configurations. Nevertheless, there may emerge a growing sense of directionality. Toward what end do these sounds reach? At what point in time and space might they arrive? As we listen in an attempt to resolve the whole, relative to each of the pieces, we perhaps slowly encounter the non-existence of the whole. And yet, the whole (the composite sound mass) retains an ability to both structure and direct our attention toward the regularities that emerge across each of the sounds. What Rough Beast Slouches? is simply the playing out of algorithmically defined, globally convergent sonic trajectories; the consequence of which ultimately forces us to confront our own irruptive, discontinuous, and divergent aural attentions.