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    Released: a small but powerful collection of SuperCollider extensions to control (in various hierarchical ways) the convergence and divergence of numeric data sets. Download here.

    Led a workshop on building custom Max for Live software instruments @madelife on March 26, 2016.

    Delivered a paper talk at SEAMUS 2016 (February 11, 2016), "On the Transvergence of Art and Idea: A call to compose the possibility of no music". Check out the PDF here

    Making progress on two tech dev projects: RackFX (with David Jones), and a massively flexible SuperCollider sample-based synthesis library (with Ben O'Brien).

    Updated Works page with new pieces, including What rough beast slouches? for 8-channel fixed media and Which inside are you out of? (pictured above)-- an installation, commissioned by the Communikey Festival 2015.

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