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    UPCOMING: Commmunikey Festival, MAX7 Workshop!

    As part of this year's CMKY Festival in Boulder, CO, I've been invited to lead a two-hour workshop on building software synthesizers and developing novel control strategies for making realtime performance systems. More details here.

    UPCOMING: Communikey Festival, Installation Project

    Also, for exhibition at the CMKY festival, I'm working on an installtion piece. I'm reimagining a black box theater (performance venue) as a construction site, as though the walls didn't really exist. I'll be creating sections of wood studs, with angled pieces extending from the top to suggest a roof-line. The stud sections will stand in front of photographic prints that depict the external landscape just beyond each wall. Each print will take up the size of the respective theater wall on which it is mounted. Also, every other stud section will be packed with insulation to improve the acoustic treatment of the theater space itself and reinforce the audience's sense of intimate dwelling vs. the public space just beyond the limitations of architectural enclosure.

    Stay tuned for documentation of the completed project by mid April! Check out the CMKY Festival Schedule here: CMKY Schedule.

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