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Follow Me Around (until we all fall down)

for large ensemble // duration: indeterminate

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  • University of Florida Wind Ensemble, April 2010

  • duration: 6'25"


    Follow Me Around... is a reworking of Douglas Repetto's ideas from his audio sculpture titled Crash and Bloom from 2002. Repetto constructs a network of microcontrollers to form a physical system that aims to model biological populations in terms of their growth and decline (crash and bloom). I simply adapted some of the rules he used to program his microcontrollers in order to write an open form score for a large instrumental ensemble (in this case the University of Florida Wind Ensemble). Of course using humans rather than microcontrollers required other various constraints since humans fail where computers succeed, and vice versa. Ultimately, Repetto's interest in constructing a physical system to model a biological system sparked my curiosity in what would result musically from using a socio-cultural system to model a biological system.